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☆ Canon Point: post-heracles
☆ Role: Gunner/Mole
☆ Status: Survivor Pool
☆ Kills: Victor, other Victor, Estelle, Hazama (assisted)
☆ Notes: Bullshitted his way to the survivor pool
☆ Notable CR: Yeager, Duke, Rean, Crow
☆ Canon Point: Eldrant ; post-legretta
☆ Role: None
☆ Status: Victim Week 3 ; Agreed to die by Edna's hands
☆ Kills: n/a
☆ Notes: rng mercy killed her lbh her few weeks were awful
☆ Notable CR: Asch, Sen, Elliot, Rosalind
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Something not Tales what is this.

So these are cute and I thought it'd be nice to do a boxsplit for these. I'm already deciding to grab two boxes so each character can be claimed twice. Pricing will most likely be around 7-8$ USD for these! As usual I'm willing to ship internationally etc etc.

Akira - Aly, Limon
Ryuji - lucinblue, velleity
Ann -
Morgana -
Yusuke - Joly, Luna
Makoto - sammywhatammy
Futaba - Koyu,
Haru - Joly, Kukki
Akechi - Skyla
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Hello Hello!

So last year someone did a boxsplit of these and they're super cute. This year I decided that, since there are a few that I want, I'll do a boxsplit for these three boxes for everyone! They'll be 8$ USD each and don't worry about being out of country you won't have to pay for the extra shipping!

Each set is it's own individual box. If I can get two slots filled for each character in a box then I'll grab a second box for that set! If not then whoever is second in the list will be back-up in case the first person changes their mind.

If you wish to claim someone just let me know by commenting below! Especially if I don't know you personally/from my Plurk list and you saw this through someone else. Thanks!


- Eizen: Redd, Olga(?)
- Asbel: Kyo
- Estelle: Zero
- Emil: Blossom, Luna
- Eleanor: Jayne
- Colette: Tara, Lexi
- Jude: Koyu, Griff
- Edna: Blossom, Fortuna


- Milla: Inc, Yukina
- Yuri: Tara, Redd
- Laphicet: Joly, Fortuna
- Rita: Inc
- Luke: Skyla, Fortuna
- Ludger: Koyu
- Lloyd: Tara
- Raven: Redd


- Stahn: Aly, Kyo
- Sorey: Kyo
- Senel: Francy, Griff
- Zelos: Lexi
- Sophie: Joly, Inc
- Tear: Skyla, Fortuna
- Velvet: Inc, Liz
- Mikleo: Akai, Liz
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when will it end

Here's a boxsplit for these clear charms that I'm obviously getting for one reason. Price will be $8 USD with Shipping. As usual I'll pick up a second box if all slots are filled.

I'm not getting the first set of these because I don't want any in that set so I apologize in advanced for that.

Luke -
Guy -
Emil - Luna
Yuri - Tara
Flynn - Olga
Asbel -
Sorey - Katie
Velvet - Olga

again. this box only happens if both boxes are filled. otherwise it'll be considered reserves in case someone above changes their mind.
Luke -
Guy -
Emil -
Yuri - Koyu
Flynn - Koyu
Asbel -
Sorey -
Velvet - Jayne
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Boxsplit bc you can't tell me no when it comes to the stupid Idol Yuri I failed to get in Asteria. Each strap will like be between 8 USD including shipping I'll take the time to do the math for a more accurate number in a moment.

I have one box already preordered but I'll be willing to try and get another box as long as both boxes are filled.

Emil - Luna
Lloyd - Seth
Wingul - Caitie
Mao - Joly
Mikleo - Seth
Richard - Luna
Yuri - Tara
Cless - Koyu
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Hello hello again!

So these are REALLY SUPER CUTE and I'm grabbing 'em but figured that others would be interested SO. another box split it is!! haven't figured out pricing but it shouldn't be more than $8 USD per strap including tax. There's only one box but if enough people are interested I'll be willing to pick up a second box to split.

Anything marked tentative can be still be claimed for someone who wants it.

Velvet - Liz
Laphicet - Joly
Rokurou -
Magilou - Snarky
Eizen - Olga
Eleanor - Jayne

Velvet - Lexi
Laphicet - Joly*
Rokurou -
Magilou - Snarky
Eizen - Akai
Eleanor -

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this time for these guys! For anyone who had this replurked hello I'm Tara and I need these Zesties to go to a good home! Each strap will be $7-9 including shipping and I'll be more than happy to ship outside the US. If you're interested just let me know by commenting here and I'll add you to the list if the character is not taken!

Right now it'll only be these two boxes unless I somehow yield enough interest in the Zestiria straps to get a third box. Thank you!

Box 1
Sorey - Katie
Mikleo - Katie
Rose - Maggie
Alicia - Kia
Lailah - Liz
Edna - Seth
Dezel - Redd
Zaveid - Zero
Berserias - Tara

Box 2
Sorey - Seth
Mikleo - Liz
Rose - Shannon
Alicia - Kaye
Lailah - Samm
Edna - Maggie
Dezel - Samm
Zaveid - Samm
Velvet - Aly
Rokurou - Redd*
Magilou - Jayne
Eizen - Olga

* if no one else expresses interest
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So this year I wanna send out Holiday Cards ( and perhaps something else ♥ ) to friends. But in order for me to do that I need addresses and such! So if you'd like me to send you something please just comment with the following. All comments will be screened ofc.


Fav. Fandom + Characters: just three or so will be ok but this is very very important ok

thank you guys I love you all
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- Commissions are free. Just send me the information below and I'll gladly color things for you.
- Alternatively if you are uncomfortable with free commissions you are welcome to pay me $1 an icon.
- Please note that if the commission is free that I will probably go at my own pace with the commission. This means it could take a while for me to finish.
- Of course, if you are paying for the icons then simply allow me one-two weeks to get your request filled. Paid commissions will also come as a priority over free commissions.
- Max will be 5 icons per free commission. 15 for paid commissions. Of course after I am finished with your current commission you are free to commission again.
- I don't... really have any set style. What "style" I use on the icon will just depend on what I feel will fit best for the style of the art, etc. Chances are I'll show you the first icon when I'm done to see if you like it before proceeding.
- Whole scans are easier, obviously. But you're welcome to give me already cropped icons to color as well!
- If you are getting a paid commission you don't have to pay until icons are done
- You are welcome to tip too that's up to you


Just fill this out below for your commission!

commission type. free or paid
scans to color.

Thank you very much!!
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Box 1
Rita - Kaito
Alvin - Samm
Ludger - Akai
Sorey - Kukki
Mikleo - Akai
Fluri - Olga

Box 2
Rita -
Alvin - Nik
Ludger - Mauyn?
Sorey - Kyo
Mikleo - Taisa
Fluri - Taisa

Probably going to be $10 USD w/ shipping but don't quote that on me yet I'm still waiting for Amiami to tell me my full price.
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Yuri Lowell
Black Bunny Ears
insert something like game information or something idk
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